A front-end web and music search solution for composers, labels, and distributors.

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Amplify at a Glance

Ready to go

Amplify is our quick-setup, out of the box solution. You upload your tracks and metadata, choose a theme, and you’re up and running with no hassles.

Responsive and customisable

Our front-end templates work on all screen sizes and browsers, and you can tailor the design to match your existing site and branding.

Great value

If you just need search and a front-end, Amplify is the tool for you, and we’ve priced it accordingly. There’s no paying for extras that you don’t need.


Starting from $35 per month AUD


Setting up Harvest Amplify is quick and easy, especially for existing Harvest Connect customers. The current setup record is only 10 minutes.

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    For those new to Harvest, there’s a quick registration process so we can get you set up and into the fun stuff.

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    Send us your logo and your color scheme and we will do all the hard work for you.

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    Existing Harvest Connect users are ready to go. For new users, you’ll need to upload your media and metadata with our quick and easy upload tools.



    You’re ready to go. Send your search site live and get your music out there.

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